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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have been a professional Notary Signing Agent since 2013, certified (background checked) member of the National Notary Association.  Having done thousands of loan closings, I made the transition into training new notaries back in February 2020. OMG, I would hear horror stories from signing companies, realtors, escrow officers, and even the clients on how the previous Notary Signing Agent missed a ton of things, never showed up, didn’t communicate, was unprofessional, you name it! All kinds of crazy stuff! I couldn’t believe it! My completed signing appointments are solid, no errors, bookings were constant and overflowing and I would always get asked if I had any Notary friends “as good as yourself” that I could refer. At the time I did not, and always felt bad that I couldn’t refer them to someone I trusted and knew that was trained properly. But that was then and this is now! 

As your Notary Signing Coach, I walk with you one-on-one from getting your Commission to becoming a Notary Signing Agent to getting your first assignment and beyond. Already have your Commission? Great! Let’s review your office set up and get that loan doc training going! Let’s get you in the field, trained and equipped with the skills necessary to be a successful and PROFESSIONAL Notary Signing Agent!



Contract Signature

Jill K., NSA

If anyone is considering a fantastic career as a Notary Signing Agent, you NEED to reach out to Notary Coach Extraordinaire Randi Bilbo!  She walks you through every step of the way, from beginning to all the way when you get your first assignment and beyond.  Imagine those "what do I do when...." or, "what if the signer says this.......?"  Trust me, to have someone that will fully train you and then be there when you get "stuck" is priceless!!  I say again, "priceless!"


Lenders and Title Companies have so much on the line and if you want to build a mutually-beneficial relationship with them, it is critical that their documents are returned back to them quickly and accurately. Randi has been there for me when I needed her and I can't even express the relief I feel knowing she is there and will know the answer. She makes it a point to answer the phone or reply quickly...I have come to view her as a friend. She is light, fun and available for any signing related question. Randi knows our industry inside and out. I started out knowing nothing about being a notary and 4 months later, I feel comfortable in a signing and am making the income I hoped I would. She has been worth the investment many times over. Thanks Randi!!

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